Building blocks for enterprise stories

Posted by: John Kavanagh Posted Date: 21/03/2013
I’ve been arguing that market conditions and new buying behaviours mean that, more than ever, businesses need to build and maintain their enterprise stories if they are to succeed. But stuff gets in the way: business as usual, urgent issues, complexity, and resistance. So, in this post I’m sketching out some building blocks in the spirit of just doing it.
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What if we took the company story as seriously as the numbers?

Posted by: John Kavanagh Posted Date: 18/03/2013
Just imagine what would happen if we directed our attention not to counting how much clients have bought, but to articulating why prospects should buy from us over anyone else. If the majority of your own team doesn’t know and can't make use of your story, what chance is there that the customers and contacts they interact with will?
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What's Your Story?

Posted by: John Kavanagh Posted Date: 11/03/2013
Strategic sales success needs a return to story building. I work with companies to improve their sales performance and my experience has always been that the biggest differentiator in sales is the capacity to build a compelling story.
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Business in 4-D

Posted by: John Kavanagh Posted Date: 06/11/2012
Many companies operate in less than four dimensions. Some are one-dimensional. I believe you need to keep (at least) the following four dimensions in balance to sustain growth: Dreams, Data, Design, and Delivery. What happens if they’re out of balance? How do you fix it?
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